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Monitors the water values in aquariums simply and reliably. Determines: pH value, carbonate hardness, CO2 direct, iron, magnesium freshwater, potassium, phosphate, silicate and nitrate.


Add the reagents to the water samples, compare on the colour chart, read off the values and check the analysis sheet to see which actions are recommended, if any.
Comparator system takes the inherent water colouring into account (compensating it).
Childproof reagent bottles, waterproof plastic case, refill reagents separately available.
Package contents: 1 test case for plant aquariums, incl. 22 reagents, 12 glass vials, 2 syringes, 3 measuring spoon, thermometer, comparator block, 2 plastic cuvettes, colour charts, pen, report sheets, operating instructions


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