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Flourish Phosphorus




Phosphorus supplement for the planted aquarium

Potassium phosphate solution with a right concentration of 4500 mg/L

Takes the guesswork out of phosphate dosing


For every 80, that is 20 US gallons, need half a cap that is 2.5mL, once or twice a week or required in response to phosphorus deficiency symptoms (e.g., stunted growth, plant dark green).
The initial dosage increases the concentration of phosphorus by 0.05 mg/L which is 0.15 mg/L phosphate. Also, the perfect phosphate level may change but normally ranges within 0.15-1.0 mg/L.

To aim for a particular increase, it is better to follow this formula: 0.8vp=m, where v defines the volume of the tank in gallons, p is the desired phosphate increase, and m is the volume of product to utilize in mL. E.g.: it is better to use 0.8*20*0.1=1.6 mL for an increase of 20 gallons to 0.1 mg/L.


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